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Podcast Update

December 16, 2009

It’s coming along. The podcast that is.

As I work on this podcast I’m more and more realizing how much I love to talk and write. Mostly, I like taking ideas and airing them out regardless of whether I ever conclude the argument. Sometimes it’s good just to argue so that I can get a better understanding of something.

I would say that the problem with writing the way I do for this blog is that the reviews limit me to just reviews. I unwittingly put myself in a box for a year (minus the month or so recently that I’ve been on and off here). The podcast is a way for me to infuse fresh ideas and blood into this. There is a will to do this blog but as far as digging through web comics and my own collection goes I need something else on top of that.

For example, I have a collection of comics that I haven’t reviewed but I’m somewhat afraid to really dig into them. With my lack of income that would eventually lead me to web comics (which I’ve done quite a few reviews of, I know). I don’t want to just be a web comics guy. It’s even worse with animation as my DvD collection only contains maybe 4 series (Batman: The Animated Series, Family Guy, Ghost in the Shell ¬†The series, and Endless Waltz — a one-off from Gundam Wing). Now that that actually helped because I was forced to dig around to find interesting shorts but I want to watch more. True, despite my lack of income I’m sure I could have found new things on both the comics and animation front anyway, but before starting this I didn’t really know anything else that wasn’t the five or six web comics that I read or comic shops. My apologies that was a ridiculously long sentence.

One of the biggest reasons that I locked myself into this “review” box is that I did absolutely no research before I started the blog. Literally, one day I decided to start a blog about comics and I did. What I knew how to do was look at one thing and give an opinion of it. I read movie reviews voraciously as a high schooler. The A&E section of The Oregonian was my Friday reading material every week. The “review” box didn’t matter as much when I started out because I had lots of stuff too look at. I wasn’t yet at the barrel hoping for another bucket, even a quarter full one.

I didn’t want to be locked in on the podcast. I knew going into it that I couldn’t just review comics and animation. Hell, I couldn’t even allow myself to stick to just comics. No, this won’t become a catch-all “nerd” culture thing but knowing how I operate I have to allow the greater culture in. This means things like Star Trek (or Wars), video games, games, etc. have to have a place. This doesn’t mean that the focus won’t be on comics but I need to allow myself to branch out. Otherwise, you get the past three months. Uninspired schlock with no end in sight and a writer constantly expressing concern about the schlock but not doing anything about it. Hopefully, I’ve got it now.

One thing that I did differently with the podcast, as compared to the blog, is that I researched. I listened to other podcasts, I downloaded some programs to help me produce (I’m still learning some of the ins and outs of Audacity, hence the wait), and I wrote ideas upon ideas for the first few potential episodes.

I think that going into the podcast I’ll be much better prepared. In fact, in the first episode I do plan on talking about what I did to get ready for it and some impressions I took away from other comic podcasts (of which, surprisingly there are many).

For anyone who has actually read this thing and is continuing to read it, I profusely apologize to you for the crap that I’ve put you through, it’s no way to treat you. And if you’re still willing to follow this then I profusely thank you. Hopefully, it gets better from here and I think it will.


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