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I am back

November 16, 2009

How long has it been? A month? Maybe more?

I finally replaced my p.o.s. Mac with another one. I know, I should have gone back to PC considering how much Mac has broken my wallet over its knee but everything that I have as a digital record was in Mac formatting. I figured that it would be easier to just re-do Mac and someday, maybe, get a new computer while this one still works.

I don’t have anything to share today really, outside of the “I’m back” news. No, I didn’t work on anything for this blog during my hiatus. Still, I do have a couple of comics that I plan to continue reviewing like the Y series.

In the meantime I found this French coffee animation. Well, it’s not an animation of coffee, it’s…it’s French.

I couldn’t get it to embed. For some reason WordPress only likes youtube, dailymotion and google. The hosts didn’t have a youtube version up. Anyway, just click the link. I found the video very interesting and a little humorous.

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