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September 28, 2009

I took last week off in the hopes that it would rejuvenate my desire to write for this blog. I want to write for it but this summer I lost some of my will to do so.

While I was off vacationing I did see the new movie ‘9’.

I wasn’t a fan.

The graphics were amazing. The music choices were pretty good but I was pretty disappointed to not here the Coheed and Cambria song that they used in all of the commercials.

What I mostly had a problem with was the story. It was boring, mostly if not completely predictable and I never really found myself caring about the various numbers, save #5.

The movie follows the story of 9 a doll that can talk and move. He was the last doll made by a human scientist before he died.

9 meets up with 2, who gets kidnapped by a catbot thing. Eventually he meets up with the other dolls. Something about robot brain that the scientist created that destroys mankind, etc. etc.

My friend, who came with me, fell asleep several times during the movie. I wish I had, I felt more tired afterwards. The writing moved along slowly and even the action pieces didn’t really connect. They felt disjointed or too slow to entice the kind of excitement and tension that they needed.

The complaint ends with me just saying this movie was way too slow.


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  1. May 16, 2010 7:18 pm

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