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Dueling Analogs

September 4, 2009

I’m thinking summer needs to end or this thing is going to sink into the ground with my lack of updating properly on here. Or I need to just say fuck the schedule and start posting three times a week but whenever I feel like. Both sound good.

Anyway today’s comic is Dueling Analogs by Steve Napierski.

Background: Dueling Analogs was started in November of 2005. Napierski updates it on Mondays and Thursdays. Like the last few web comics that I’ve reviewed this one is a gaming comic.

Really that’s all I’ve got. Napierski designs websites and is married with a kid. That enough? Perhaps, perhaps not.

The Comic: Like many gaming comics Dueling Analogs doesn’t really have story lines or many recurring characters. If you had to pin down some though he does use Mario a lot and two characters called Harvey and Jeremy the Sony PR gnome who are usually seen together.

The art style is extremely cartoonish with something that looks like vector art. Yeah, I think cartoon vector art is the best way to describe this comic. It’s the only one that makes sense in my mind.

It’s an interesting style to look at but nothing that makes me want to keep going back for the art. I’m not saying that it’s bad just that I wasn’t drawn to it. Personally, I’m not a fan of the vector look, it’s a style that looks hollow and lifeless to me. Clearly, based on commercial series and a couple of movies some people disagree but that’s them.

The writing varies between mildly funny, flat, or somewhat inappropriate. Perhaps it’s because I’ve looked at a lot of gaming comics lately but this one did nothing to really stand out in my mind on a quality level of writing. It’s okay.

The biggest problem that I saw was that from time to time a comic is published that pushes the line. I don’t mind pushing the line, hell, I’m fan of Doug Stanhope. However, there is a way to do it and be funny. I’ve made this complaint before about other comics and Dueling Analogs falls into that category. It’s not that the jokes so bad that they’re offensive (though some are) it’s that they’re about offensive subjects and the joke isn’t there.

Or to better explain: The offensive subject is the joke but it really has no set up or if there is any it doesn’t make the material funny. It’s one thing to joke about abortion, 9/11, murder, etc but it’s another to use them as the crux of the joke as if abortion in and of itself is supposed to be funny.

However, if you like that then I suppose you’ll find this comic uproarious. And I’m not saying that the creator uses abortion, murder, whatever in his jokes those are just examples. If you want to find the comics I’m talking about you can but I don’t want to go back through the archives again.

My Recommendation: Another gaming comic in a sea of gaming comics. If you’re looking for something original then you’ll need to skip on to the next one.


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