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Digital Unrest

August 27, 2009

I’ve been pretty terrible about updating this summer. I’d say that I’d work on it but summer is coming to a close and my school year posting is much more on top of the game.

Today’s post comes from another gaming web comic. That’s mostly what I’ve found recently, but then it is the most common and cliched genre in web comics.

Background: Digital Unrest is written and drawn by Chris Simmons. The first comic appears in December 2005 but Simmons doesn’t really get going until February 2006.

He updates pretty regularly on Mondays. Occasionally he posts a second comic but for the most part this is a once a week comic.

According to some interviews I’ve read Digital Unrest is something of a hobby comic for Simmons. I wouldn’t expect this comic to grow much past it’s basic roots.

The Comic: For the most part the strips in this comic are one-shots. There are a few three and four strip plot lines but due to Simmons’ update schedule there isn’t a lot of room for long story arcs.

He does have some recurring characters. Two brothers who live together, one is sensible and one who’s strange of course. The other is a scientist who debates game physics with real world physics ands science. Also for whatever reason Isaac Newton shows up and is a dick…so there’s that.

The art is very cartoony and fun to look at though all his characters do have this huge eyebrow thing going on.

The writing for the most part is jokes about video games. Some are hits, a few are misses. For the most part it’s decent writing.

What sets Digital Unrest apart from other gaming comics that I’ve read is his use of science. Sure there’s XKCD but that isn’t really about games.

This takes science and sort of pokes fun at video games. It’s an enjoyable change up from most cynical jokes from gaming comics. It’s not always about the latest game either. Simmons likes to poke fun at Mario a lot and since most people know of Mario his jokes have the ability to work for a wide audience.

I think my favorite Mario jokes that he makes concern Mario’s use of mushrooms to gain lives, poison, enlargement. It always makes Mario out to this cruel destroyer of animated mushrooms. I found myself chuckling to most of his Mario strips.

My Recommendation: It’s a cute strip with fun art and decent writing that has a schtick to keep it interesting and unique.

Take some time for it if you don’t mind gaming web comics.


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