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Action Trip

August 24, 2009

In an attempt to find some content while my comics are all in boxes and I find myself seriously lacking in money I decided to actually force myself to find web comics. Usually they just sort of fall into my lap through a random link, a friend, or an article. It’s not often that I go out of my way to look for web comics.

The task is harder than it seems. Outside of the major web comic labels that I’ve already reviewed (i.e. Penny Arcade, PvP Online, Megatokyo, etc.) I’ve decided to limit my searches to comic that were started in or after 2005. Why?

Mostly because I’m lazy but also because the early 2000s and late 1990s were a different era of web comic that aren’t really clicking these days. A majority of the web comics that were started then have matured or changed style and tone so much since that it’s hard to look back without making a History Channel special.

Also, I want to try and find newer, fresher comics and maybe help expose them to a new audience (if they’re worth the time that is).

Today’s comic is a video game comic from the website Action Trip.

Action Trip is what you would get if you combined Game Genie, Kotaku, Web Comics, and a forum site into one giant green and black thing.

Background: What little research I could find that didn’t include going through the AT archives tells me that the AT comic was started in 2004, five years after the gaming news site was originally founded.

I believe that it’s written and drawn by Uros Jojic and Dejan Grbavcic. Not quite sure though. For sure that Uros works on it.

It updates every Monday.

The Comic: I’m going to start with the art style for this one.

The style reminds me of such popular shows as Ren and Stimpy and Beavis and Butthead. It’s a little more quality than that. There are definitely moments of good art here and there but as a whole I feel like I’m looking at a still Ren and Stimpy or Beavis and Butthead, more Ren and Stimpy though.

Personally, that’s not a good thing. I hated Ren and Stimpy (mostly apathetic towards Beavis and Butthead) growing up. Still not a fan today either. I never thought it was funny and I always thought that the art style was visually offensive (not content-wise though I suppose that too, the actual style of the art sucked).

If you liked those cartoons then this comic’s style might appeal to you. I was turned off by it but that’s more personal than anything else.

The writing…

They seem to love the Godfather, more than I think is usual. I mean, really love the Godfather…

Outside of that though, it’s typical gaming comic fare. They make fun of topical things like the recently released Wolfenstein or the comments that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick made about game pricing. No surprises here.

The jokes tend to be shallow on the surface and they stay that way. I was not a fan. The jokes came across as easy. Obvious from the start and the easy one to make based on the material.

This isn’t to say that most gaming comics don’t suffer from this they all do including the top two but AT made it more obvious I felt.

Mostly the writing felt to me too predictable. Maybe it’s because through this blog I’ve read quite a few gaming comics or because of poor writing on the part of the creators but the moment a panel came up I could tell what the punch line essentially was going to be. Thus, I never really laughed or even smiled. It was a slow drag through the archives.

I read that this place was called colorful and off-beat humor. I felt like I’d already seen it before. Maybe if I’d stumble across this site in 1999 or pre-2005 I would have enjoyed it but today it feels like more of the same.

My Recommendation: I don’t. However if you like Ren and Stimpy style art and that same level of humor then this is the comic for you. Otherwise…best not to go near it.


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