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August 18, 2009

I don’t recall being this busy last summer when I moved. I think it’s because the office I work at reduced staff. I’m doing more work this summer than I was last year.

Anyway, the excuse is that yesterday I was too tired to log in and punch the keys even for a lame paragraph post. Apologies from me.

Today though I’ve been catching news about comics and the industry. Also, being excited for the PS3 slim but then I own a PS3 so I am somewhat partial to what Sony is doing with the product.

Anyway here’s some tidbits that I found interesting:

– The new PSP Go that Sony will be releasing is coming with comic book support. Similar to how say the Amazon Kindle works the PSP Go will be able to hold issues and allow users to read them cover to cover. I’m not sure how many publishers are involved with this. Mostly I saw Marvel comics but I doubt that DC will stay out of the game if Marvel and Sony succeed with this.

– Well, Spiderman 4 is coming I’ve known that one for awhile and dread/hope for it. However, I found out that a writer has been tapped for 5 and 6. As much as I enjoyed the first two movies that third one killed my love for the franchise if only because I’m worried that they’ll release more crap like it that ruins characters. We’ll see…

– Apparently they’re making a Wolverine sequel too. I know that I wasn’t completely off put by the first movie but it didn’t exactly warrant a sequel. Much less one about Wolverine learning to be Samurai in Japan…strange decisions in movie land.

– I didn’t know this but apparently Penny Arcade artist Mike Krahulik did a variant cover for the upcoming The Talisman series by Peter Black and Stephen King. It’s a book that I really enjoyed and I was surprised that it was actually being made into a comic  much less that Krahulik was doing a cover for it. I’m excited for this work, I’ll try to check it out when it hits shelves in October.

That’s it for today, hopefully I’ll get a post in tomorrow. We’ll see.


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