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Wolfenstein Graphic Novel

August 5, 2009

I frequent a video game news site called Kotaku. In the last month or so they’ve been posting videos from Activision promoting their next Wolfenstein video game.

What makes them relevant to this site is that this videos are animated graphic novels.

Their cheesy, way too much red and black, and the dialogue is patently ridiculous at points but it’s an interesting idea and I got caught up in the videos despite the flaws.

There’s three parts so far with one to go. I couldn’t get them to embed so here’s the links if you’re interested.

Part 1:

Wolfenstein 3D

Part 2:

The Spear of Destiny

Part 3:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

I think I’ll start looking for more of these things to see if I can’t find any that are more interesting or have better stories. Enjoy these ones for now.


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