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August 3, 2009

I skipped Friday’s post because I literally could not think of a single thing to write about. I was staring at a stack of comics that I have yet to review, most older and most already picked over as I usually do but I could not bring myself to open the books and start looking for things to talk about.

A Friday Animation day could have happened but I felt guilty because of all the videos that I’d posted on the previous two days. I also spent a decent amount of time debating whether or not I need to add another writer to this thing. The final verdict is yes, the current problem is that I don’t know anyone who a) wants to write for a blog or b) reads comics/watches animation. I have friends who want to write but they want to do video game reviews and the like. I also have friends who like comics but they don’t want to write. Somewhat strange that there’s no one with a balance of both.

This week I will review a couple of things that have come out recently, well one recent and one older book. It should be interesting.

Beyond that I’m going through a period of writer’s block or rather writer’s apathy where I have no desire whatsoever to actually sit down with this and do it. Hopefully I can get a little inspiration soon. That or some energy. It’s slowly becoming a lazy summer.

Well, I apologize for the lack of post on Friday and thank you for dealing with me and for those who have kept reading this thing, keeping up with me.

If anyone is interested in trying their hand at writing for this blog I can be reached by comment or e-mail: angrychicken[at]blazemail[dot]com.


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