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Anime Adaptations

July 29, 2009

On Friday I put up a trailer for the upcoming Halo anime. It wasn’t the only one that’s coming out. Apparently, this is the year of Anime adaptation.

Here are two different ones for Wolverine and Iron Man respectively:

This clip contains 90% of anime cliche. Ridiculous hair-do? Check, thought not as ridiculous as it could be. Effeminate male lead? Check. Flower petals or feathers? Both, so double check. Japanese style demons? Check.

Initial response: No…just no.

This one looks a little better. The suit looks great in the Japanese style. Of course, his enemy is an effeminate male with feathered hair, what is with anime artists and feathered hair?

Also, is that woman wearing a hat or is it actually her hair? The DragonBall Z style attacks were a little over-the-top but enjoyable. This one should make for some better viewing.

Here’s to hoping that this anime adaptation thing doesn’t get too crazy. Mostly because I miss the good American cartoons about Marvel and DC characters…oh, those were the good days.


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