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Some Interesting News/Videos

July 24, 2009

Sorry this is late. I’m sorry this is getting out so late but I’ve been caught up in the deluge of information coming from Comic-Con.

Let me start by saying that it pisses me off to no end that the next Twilight movie got a panel at Comic-Con and that it’s being covered like it’s worthwhile news. I hate the Twilight series, the movie and the actors from that movie. But, I’ll stop before this gets sycophantic.

Here a couple of news bits that caught my eye today though.

1) An interview with Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie. He’s twenty-years-old and somewhat regrets being involved in the movie because of the harsh criticism that the movie received.

Here’s the article:

2) Apparently a Halo anime is being made. I saw this video looking at a video game news site:

I’m somewhat interested in the anime but I am extremely burned out on the Halo franchise. It’s getting old and I feel like they’ve milked that franchise for all its worth. Still, things keep coming out. One of my favorite Sci-fi authors, Greg Bear, is doing a book series based on Halo that I probably won’t read. Another couple of Halo games are due and now this anime…

It’s getting to be a bit much, yeah?

I’ll have some more thoughts on Comic-con come Monday. In the meantime have a good weekend.


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