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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

July 20, 2009

Last week was weird for posting…I don’t really have an excuse. Laziness? Lack of motivation to do this last week? Who knows.

So I’m trying to get this post out early to make up for last week’s missed post. I already have Wednesday’s in the can too, so no missed posts this week.

Over the weekend I watched a couple of recent super hero movies (recent in that they came out in the last year). I didn’t mean to watch one of them and the other I intentionally downloaded.

The first one I saw was Hugh Jackman’s X-men Origins: Wolverine.

By now you’ve probably seen it yourself and read the reviews. You know that it’s not a good movie. You know that the plot is boring at best and unrelenting at worst. You know that the acting from Jackman and a slew of others was not up to par, blah blah blah.

I’m still going to hit you with a mini-review anyway.

I read some reviews before seeing the movie, paid 1.50 at a cheap theatre in town, and had friends who’d seen it belabor how terrible the movie was. I didn’t want to see it. A couple of friends dragged me to the movie.

Going in I was under the impression that Wolverine would be a pile of shit compressed into a square and then violently blown up in my head.

It didn’t work out like that.

Because of my low expectations the movie surprised me and I came away somewhat enjoying it. This isn’t to say that it’s good. It’s more that the movie is so bad that I found myself enjoying it and the good parts were even better because of it.

There are two scenes that express movie cliche to the worst degree in the movie. First is when Logan (not yet Wolverine) finds his allegedly dead girlfriend in the woods, killed by Sabretooth. He howls at the sky…like a wolverine?

Later on when we finally get to the scene where he gets his adamantium skeleton he tells Stryker that he wants new dogtags that say Wolverine because of a story that his “dead” girlfriend told him.

It was boring, unintentionally hilarious and overwrought. His love story took way too long and I didn’t care for either of the characters in the end.

The actions scenes were decent enough. I didn’t think that there was enough showcasing of other mutant’s abilities. Everybody got like two minutes to show-off before either being killed off or relegated to the background disappearing from the story somewhat like the Blob.

This was disappointing for me because I was excited to see Gambit in this movie. His character sucked. There was no real reason for him to help Wolverine outside of plot contrivance and even then it felt useless. Also, they showed him using his powers like one time. For whatever reason this movie depicted mutants as having the ability that they were born with as well as super-speed, jumping ability, and strength.

I’ll give them the strength thing but Gambit and Cyclops (who did not belong in the film at all) should not have been able to jump up to the top apartment buildings. Hell, even the assassin mutant Sierra could jump 20+ feet in the air. That killed it somewhat.

There was only one other character that I was excited about and I figured that they might ruin but they did a good job with his character, the only problem with it? There wasn’t enough of him.

I’m talking about Deadpool. In the two scenes where he actually got to speak (if that many scenes) Ryan Reynolds was hilarious and made an awesome Deadpool. At the end of the movie he becomes the main bad guy and never talks. Sure his mutant gained powers make him “bad-ass” but it wasn’t funny anymore and it wasn’t really Ryan Reynolds.

There’s a lot of complaining going on here and justly so. The movie stuck to terrible movie cliches and didn’t understand how to utilize the characters in the best way, not to mention that even for a comic book movie the plot was pretty ridiculous.

Still, it has it’s moments. Hugh Jackman does a decent enough job. Liev Schreiber does a great job as Sabretooth. Hell, check out the opening scenes just for Reynolds bit as Deadpool. It’s worth that.

It’s one of those movies that you start drinking games too. In fact, get drunk, watch the movie, make fun of it, and move on.


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