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Megatokyo Book 1

July 16, 2009

I don’t really have a good reason for skipping yesterday’s post. I’ll blame it on my watching the documentary Trekkies at 10 at night instead of being online.

Anyway, on to the last of the collections that I have.

Megatokyo Book 1

Megatokyo’s first book (I believe he’s up to five now) collects the beginning of Megatokyo and Chapter Zero. Fred Gallagher has the comic split up into chapters and each book has at least one chapter. I think Book 3 has two chapters but its been awhile since I read it last.

Like the Penny Arcade book Gallagher’s has commentary by him under almost every strip in the book. There are few that don’t feature commentary but that’s because they’re not really strips.

Book 1 has for what Megatokyo is doing a great style. As mentioned above most every strip has commentary underneath. That’s not so special considering but what makes Megatokyo different is that it has a plot or a canon.

Gallagher compiled on the strips that fit the Megatokyo plot and put them in order for the first 80% or so of the book. There is of course an introduction page and such.

What I like about what he’s done here though is that after the canon he included all the one-off strips, his Dead Piro Day art, and a short story using his characters in the game world End Game. It’s an intelligent design. The story is told in order without interruption, which is great for fans. It helps you see the story properly and I always catch things that I didn’t see online because it’s so separated there.

It’s also great that he puts the one-offs, Shirt Guy Dom’s (if you want those) and the DPDs in the back. You don’t lose anything from the time period that he collects from.

I said this in my review of the website and I’ll repeat it here. Pick up the books. The art, story, and one-offs are great. It’ll help you catch up and makes for a decent afternoon read. I say this because lately Gallagher has been updating so irregularly that it’s almost impossible to remember what’s going in the story. Best just to pick up the collections if you like the series.

Book 2 is way different from Book 1 and  I might do Book 2. I haven’t decided yet. Tomorrow is up in the air.


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