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July 2, 2009

Yes, I realize that  I missed yesterday’s post. It was a me not paying attention to the time or day thing.

Friday I’ll be continuing my look at some of the graphic novels that I own. That is something that I’d like to do more of this summer. However, today I’ll be sharing some statistics about this blog that I think are very interesting. This isn’t me bragging about how many views that I’ve gotten because it’s not very high. This blog averages about 25 views a day.

Instead it’s mostly about what people use to find the blog. Lets get to it then.

The lists are long so I’ll be sticking with the top three of each section. There’s only four so it won’t be long.


1. Alpha Inventions ( – 171

2. WordPress Dashboard – 32

3. – 31

Most of the referrers (other websites that link to me) are from WordPress through tags and similar article links. I received a few from Facebook. The Alpha Inventions website is a blog aggregator. Who knows if the links are them holding me or people actually jumping over here. Just kind of interesting.

Top Posts:

1. Comics: Batman Hush – 924

2. Web Comic: Ctrl-Alt-Del – 919

3. Animation: Batman: Gotham Knight – 165

4. Friday Animation: Undo – 106

I know I said that I’d do three but it’s interesting to me that the top 4 are above the 100 views mark, after that it’s 90 and below.

I’m not really surprised by the Ctrl-Alt-Del views only because I happened to post that one during the whole miscarriage controversy that rocked brought the comic a brief week or two of fame. The Batman one also isn’t very surprising if only because of the next set of statistics.

Search Terms:

1. Batman – 293

2. Batman Hush – 115

3. Batman comic -76

You can see why I’m not surprised by the Batman finding. Eight of the top ten search terms are Batman related. The other two are comic express and the ctrl-alt-del miscarriage.

I find it cool how people are finding me. Maybe I’ll do this next year and see if anything’s changed.

One more to go. This last one concerns what links people click that I link to on my articles. It’s not the most interesting of the posts but I find it kind of cool.


1. – 75

2. – 37

3. – 29

Most of the clicked links are from my Ctrl-Alt-Del post. The first one on this list is a comic making of Ctrl-Alt-Del by the web comic VG Cats. The second is a news post from the around the time of the miscarriage.

The last one is also from around the time period from the Zero Punctuation video game review videos. Yahtzee never actually says that he’s talking about Ctrl-Alt-Del but it’s pretty obvious.

So that’s that. I found this stuff kind of cool, hope you did too. If not, well, I’ll see you on Friday with something a bit more the usual.


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