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June 25, 2009

Yeah…I said this would be up sometime in the late afternoon but that was a lie. Obviously, considering that it’s now 5 til 10:30 pm.

My apologies.

Let’s get it going.

Background: EmiTown is by a Portland, Or. based artist named Eni Lenox. The first post is in October of 2008 but it doesn’t really get going until February of this year. I’m under the impression that she either works for Top Shelf Comix or Periscope comic, both publishing houses based out of Portland.

I’d heard of Top Shelf before (they’re known for running alt or “indie” comics) but I didn’t know there was another one up there. That’s pretty cool, I’ll have to check them out some more. Maybe I’ll do some research and see how many comics related things are actually up in Portland that I don’t know about. You might see a post about that in the future.

Anyway, back to EmiTown.

The Comic: EmiTown isn’t what one would normally categorize has a comic. It’s more of a diary. At the top of the blog it says “Sketch Diary.”

It’s kind of a cool concept. There are words, in fact the first few posts it was more words than images. It gets more image based as it goes on. I like the idea of using sketches and little explanatory sentences to journal instead of pages of paragraphs.

The art is cute and cartoony for the most part, occasionally she draws, I assume, herself in very detailed, dramatic styles that showcase some of her talent.

For a real look at her talent look at her other blogs Faces and We Dream to be Out.

If you’re looking for a compelling story arch, consistent characters, and jokes then you’re looking at the wrong web-based comic.

However, if you want to see an interesting style of comic, interesting art, and a look into the mind of an artist. I lied a little bit. There are some consistent characters that appear beyond Emi. There’s her best friend Jamestown and this guy Ben who pops in occasionally. I don’t know if that helps but there you go.

Be careful if you’re looking for something non-emo. The first couple of months of the sketches follow a break-up that she went through.

It doesn’t dominate the diary but it’s like each page is split into two parts. One part is the day, or happiness/life, and the other part is her anger, disappointment, desire, sadness, and confusion over the guy she lost. It’s a strange jump being a reader of this because in Emi’s pages things just kind of appear regardless of coherent story telling.

I like it because it feels like a free-write project. This doesn’t make me a Virginia Wolf fan but the occasional stream-writing project can be cool, and EmiTown happens to be one of them.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s her most recent page:

June 24, 2009

My Recommendation: It’s a really interesting experiment. I enjoyed going through the past few months of the blog. Her art style is fun to look at and she’s interesting.

If you’re looking for something different check it out. Normally, I’d be uncomfortable saying read someone’s diary but 1) it’s pretty interesting, 2) it’s online and easily accessible and 3) I really like seeing stuff from Portland just because I recognize stuff that she talks about, which is cool for me.

I recommend it. Take some time and sit down with EmiTown.


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