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Bad Guy High

June 22, 2009

Last week I mentioned two comics recommended by water pot. Today’s comic is one of them. I spent the weekend hitting the archives.

Background: The comic was first started in January of 2006. I’m not sure who the comic is by, he calls himself theRedDeath.

If you want more info try finding an overweight, redhead, from Chicago who goes or went to college and Missouri Univeristy. That much I did gather.

Apparently, he’s pretty popular on the hosting site Drunk Duck where his comic is located. I don’t know if it’s true or not, this is my first time visiting the hosting site.

The Comic: Bad Guy High follows the exploits of a young man named Evan and his friend Dan. They go to high school at “Bad Guy High” where villains are trained.

The comic is supposed to be centered around the exploits of Evan but it seems to to focus more on Dan and his eventual upgrade to SuperDan.

It uses a lot of comic cliches and references storylines in Marvel and DC Comics a lot, more so DC than Marvel as theRedDeath has a clear love for Batman and Superman.

The writing is alright and the comics are suitably comicy in scope to feel like the homage that it is.

The art is really where this comic suffers. At the start it’s very poor and high school-esque. As the comic as gone it’s gotten better and his Photoshop abilities have clearly improved. In it’s current run I would say that it’s worth looking at. However, it does take awhile to get to that point.

My Recommendation: The early writing and art make it difficult to care about getting through the archives. However, the current run is doing alright for itself.

My biggest complaint at the moment is that the website is horribly, horribly designed. The comments section below the comics is ridiculously broken. Also, never read the blog posts that theRedDeath has unless you want to hate someone or get incredibly depressed. For your own sake just read the comics.

I don’t recommend the comic but the advice above should help you get through it.


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  1. July 7, 2009 6:05 am

    Hey, this is the author of Bad Guy High here, I just want to say thanks for reading my archives and making a post about it. Even if my comic isn’t recommended it was still nice of you to cover it.

    But “overweight”? Really?

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