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My First Year Picks

June 10, 2009

I’ve reviewed and talked about a lot of comics (especially web comics) over the past year. In no particular order, though broken into categories, here are the things from the past year that I encourage you to actually look up and read or watch.

I left off anything from this month and the end of May, otherwise it’s the full year.

Web Comics:

Hero by Night – An homage to the super hero genre that’s a lot of fun to read even with the cliche plot points. Being an homage the cliches make it even more fun and nostalgic.

Megatokyo – One that I still read daily (sort of). He’s picked up the pace since I last talked about MT but it’s still slow and erratic. However, if you’re new to his comic then there’s like 800 comics in the archive to catch up on.

PvP Online – Scott Kurtz is a giant dick but I love his comics. Some of Kurtz’s dickishness is warranted considering various things but it doesn’t hurt his love for art and his web comic. I still read this one Mon. through Fri. and consider it a good one on my daily list.

Sin Fest – It’s cute. A newspaper daily with sex, fucks, and other such jokes. I enjoy it.

Something Positive – This one actually has an overarching plot line. It also has a good amount of one-offs that are pretty funny. The art isn’t anything special but it gets the job done. Mostly I stick around for the writing and the cynicism which I find hilarious.

Penny Arcade – It’s Penny Arcade what more do you want?

Apple Geeks – The art by ‘Hawk’ is amazing. The writing is all over the place but unlike SP above you stick to Apple Geeks because of the art not the writing.

Lovecraft is Missing – I honestly haven’t checked in on this one since I reviewed it but I liked it enough that I’m putting it on this list anyway.

Freak Angels – What Warren Ellis is doing with this comic is great. The artist is detail oriented and so far the writing has kept me intrigued. It’s worth a look.

garfield minus garfield – John Arbuckle is even more depressing than he is with Garfield. This one will make you think and make you chuckle.

Girl Genius – A good fantasy story to immerse yourself in. It’s still going and is doing well for itself.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Dr. McNinja – This one is hilarious. A doctor who is also a ninja, an Irish ninja at that. Read for those three reasons alone.

The Abominable Charles Christopher – I dunno, it’s cute and I like it.



Tell Tale Heart

Yellow Sticky Notes

French Penguins



Earth X – The first in a five volume series. You can try reading all of them but Earth is the best of the five.

Batman Hush vol. 1 and vol. 2 – A great Batman run by Jeph Loeb. Definitely worth the money for any Batman fan.

Wanted – By Mark Millar this comic is bloody, violent, and awesome. The ending of the main plot is eh but the last page is great.

Batman: Year One – Frank Miller’s first Batman comic. It set the tone for Batman from the 1980s on.

The Killing Joke – From the creator of the Watchmen comes one of the more disturbing Batman comics that I’ve read. Still, I enjoyed this book a lot. pick it up if you can.

Sin City – Another offering from Frank Miller that I like more than his Batman comics. They have this noir feel to them but are full of over-the-top violence, gore, and sex. Comics for the guys who grew up on comics.

Midnight Nation – My favorite stand alone series that I’ve read to date. Enough said.

Fables vol. 1 – An interesting take on fairy tales of European descent. It has decent writing and enough of the whodunnit in the series to make it worth a look.

Watchmen – It’s Watchmen. Considered the greatest series ever made. I don’t agree but it is good.

Movies and Television:

Batman: The Dark Knight – It’s a great follow up to Batman Begins. If you haven’t seen it by now where have you been?

Batman The Animated Series – Best Buy sells volumes of this classic show. It’s awesome. Unfortunately the volumes that Best Buy has don’t feature the cartoons in any particular order which kind of sucks.

Watchmen – This is a love or hate movie. I loved it.

Stark Trek (2009) – They knocked this one out. The actors were great, the homages and little touches were awesome. This movie did for Star Trek what Enterprise only wished it could have done. It’s a good addition to the Star Trek universe.


World War Z – Besides being about zombies this is a good book. In fact, forget about the zombies read this book because it’s well written, full of great characters and centered around a very interesting global conflict. A must own in my opinion.

Again, for those of you have been reading this, thanks. I hope to keep doing this for another year or more.


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