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Girls with Slingshots

June 4, 2009

I had a couple of projects to work on yesterday and I wasn’t all the way through the archives of today’s web comic. 

Let’s make this one quick and dirty. 

Background: Girls with Slingshots was started by Danielle Corsetto in 2004. It started as a twice a week update but it’s grown into today’s schedule which is five days a week with the occasional full color sunday update. 

It’s at about 725 comics or so as I’m writing this. Well, that’s that. Any more questions and you can look it up yourself or ask me in the comments section.

This is actually a first for me. As in this is the first web comic strictly by a woman that I’ve reviewed (Girl Genius is a husband/wife team so I don’t count it). There are a couple of other web comics out there by women that I’ve seen but I either forgot the comic or they’re women copy-catting the men and failing. Corsetto is a decent find because she’s doing her own thing and following women’s issues—to an extent, mostly women’s masturbation.

The Comic: There are several main characters, but the comic mostly focuses on one girl and her best friend—Hazel and Jamie respectively. 

It centers around their relationship with each other and the relationships with their friends, lovers, baristas, and the lesbian bartender at the bar they frequent. 

The main character, Hazel, happens to have a talking cat and talking cactus. The cactus has a talking mustache. Weird, I know.

The comic is pretty standard American format, three panels with a joke in the last panel, usually. Sometimes it follows a more story format and tries to tell an arch over a couple of days lacking the punchline in some of the involved strips. 

Corsetto’s writing is pretty fun and her characters are realistic and over-the-top enough to make them endearing. No one is truly a bitch or truly a goody-two shoes (well, there is one who’s a goody-two shoes but she’s boring and not in the comic very much). 

Her art is very cartoony and fluid. It’s one that I enjoyed looking at. Which isn’t to say that she can’t get detailed. Corsetto has some great close-ups in her comic of eyes, vibrators, and apartments. She also has an eye for background when she needs it, ie when the characters are out and about. 

She has a style that I wouldn’t mind seeing in more of a comic book format over several pages or issues. I know that she has done a graphic novel with a writer but I haven’t seen any pages from it. 

My Recommendation: I’ve been praising this comic and it’s more because it’s different than it is quality. I think that Corsetoo is a decent writer and a good artist, so don’t think that I’m trashing on her for that.

Rather, what really catches me about this comic is that it’s not nerdy—it is a little bit but still… 

What I mean is that it’s not about video games, world of warcraft, dungeons and dragaons, you know the realm of the nerd. I consider myself a part of that world so don’t think that I’m trashing that either.

BUT! Most comics on the web are about video games and other such things or they’re one offs. Even Girl Genius which follows a story format is about fantasy novels. I realize that Misery Loves Sherman isn’t nerdy but it’s kind of  is. It’s an homage to Bill Watterson and that makes it about comic books therefore equals nerd.

Corsetto isn’t talking about any of those things she’s writing about women as a woman (a rarity online for comics) and she talks about things that I as a college student working towards graduation next fall can relate to: drinking, looking for work, dealing with relationships, and life in general. 

You don’t see that very much. 

As such, to see something new I recommend this comic. To see something quality I also recommend it. 

Enjoy it as best you can. 


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