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Misery Loves Sherman

May 27, 2009

I want to say that I took Monday off for Memorial Day but that’s not really true. I didn’t celebrate the day, no memorials, no parties, nothing like that. For me the day was spent working on homework and internships. 

Well, lets get to this one today. Today is Misery loves Sherman.

Background: Started in January 2008, I’d say December 2007 but there’s only one comic from that month and it’s on the 31st. I’m not really sure when it updates, I’d say three times a week on a monday, wednesday, friday schedule but it doesn’t seem to work like that, so mostly just three days a week. 

The creator, Chris Eliopoulus, is a letterer in the comic industry. He’s worked for Marvel, DC, and Image among others. He also had a comic strip called Desperate Times about a couple of bachelors. 

The Comic: This particular comic follows a first grader named Sherman and his family which includes his extremely violent younger sister, Fran, his mother, and overly pragmatic father. 

It also features two aliens Zort and Benny who live in Sherman’s room. For the longest time I thought they were figments of Sherman’s imagination but in the last couple of months Eliopoulus finally introduced them to the rest of Sherman’s family. It took away some of the mystique of having Sherman just be crazy. 

Most of the strips follow a daily paper format. It’s usually three panels but it varies between three and four. Very typical American comic format. 

The art is like a more polished version of Calvin and Hobbes. I read that Eliopoulus was heavily influenced by Bill Watterson and the Bloom County strips as kid. 

It’s very obvious in his art style considering that Sherman could be a brown haired clone of Calvin, Fran as a mixture of violent Hobbes and Susie, the parents as the parents, and aliens as the other half of Hobbes’ personality. 

Other than what feels like a blatant rip-off the comic does it’s job. It’s cute, sometimes funny, and reminds me of my Saturdays reading collections of Calvin and Hobbes that my dad had. 

I guess, as a copy of something that was great this one isn’t too bad.

My recommendation: If you liked Calvin and Hobbes then you should get along fine with Misery Loves Sherman. It doesn’t get as deep as Calvin did but it feels similar enough and different enough to stand it’s own tests. 


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