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Evil Inc.

May 21, 2009

You’d think with only one class on Mondays and Wednesdays that I’d find time to update this thing. It just does not work that way. Instead, I have four classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and yet I find the most time to update on those days. Things should get back to normal after the term ends but at least I’m updating which is a plus. 

Today I’ll bringing  you a review of Evil Inc.  

Background:  Evil Inc. was started in 2005 by Brad Guigar after he ended his other web comic Greystone Inn. Both comics have been featured in newspapers and won awards. Guigar was a founding member of the web comic site Blank Label Comics. That is kind of like Keenspot in that it gives web cartoonists a place to host their comics. It’s a way to promote their comics and assist each other. I’m not sure if they pay for it or not.

He left Blank Label to join Halfpixel with Scott Kurtz and a couple of other Blank Label cartoonists. It’s basically the same thing as Blank Label with much fewer artists. 

The Comic: The premise behind the comic is that there is a company called Evil Inc. that is run by super villains. The CEO Evil Atom tries to ensure that super villains get what they need to take over cities, rob banks, and other such criminal acts. It follows a couple of different people in the company like Atom’s receptionist Lightning Lady, an inventor Miss Match, and Dr. Haynus who wants Atom’s job. 

It also follows the life of a superhero Captain Heroic and his attempts to normally raise his young son.

Admittedly, I haven’t finished going through the archives. I don’t have the archive stamina that I used too. When I first started reading web comics I could go through five years of comics no problem. Anymore I just get bored.

So far, I’ve gotten through 2005 and a good chunk of 2006.

It’s not hard to get the gist of the comic though and from what I’ve seen of the most recent comics it’s about the same. The story line changes, and the comic does have continuity, but the style and the jokes are relatively similar. 

The jokes are pretty funny, safe for newspaper stuff. I like them. They’re enjoyable and it’s a fun comic that kind of sucks you in. Most of the jokes are about how companies are more evil than villains, corporate humor, parenting humor, etc. It works for what it’s doing.

I really enjoy the art. It’s detailed enough that it reminds of super hero comics but it’s also minimalist enough that it doesn’t take away from the simple jokes. Later on, I’m not sure when, the comic started being colored. The coloring is really good. It adds a lot of depth to the art and brings out Guigar’s art more. It’s a good combination.

My recommendation: Even if I don’t finish the archives I’d recommend this one. It’s simple comic that does what it needs to do. This is one that isn’t bad for a daily check in. That art is fun to look at and the jokes work even if you don’t always laugh. Give it a look.


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