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The Abominable Charles Christopher

May 9, 2009

I’m trying out my new style for this one. We’ll see how it goes, I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not. I enjoy it on the site I’m copping it from but it might not work for comics. 

There will be a couple of changes to their style though. They break it up between hate and love, and I’ll be doing Liked and Meh, hate is reserved for comics that actually deserve it, I’m looking at you C&H. 

Today’s offering is The Abominable Charles Christopher.   

I’m feeling lazy today so here’s the author bio from the website:

Karl Kerschl has been drawing comics professionally for 14 years. He has worked on Superman, The Flash, Robin and the Teen Titans, among other heroic things, and recently self-published a graphic novella for the band Ragni, which he wrote and drew. He is currently working on an original graphic novel and lives in Montréal with two cats, both of whom are French-Canadian.


Kershl’s art style is a lot of fun to look at and the faces that he draws on his characters are hilarious, especially considering that they’re animals. The birds are my favorite. The animals that the comic focuses on are very expressive. It’s easy on the eyes but still expresses a lot of details. 

The story which focuses on a yeti is pretty fun. So far, the story hasn’t gone very far but it’s starting to roll a little bit. It’s also something on the meh side. 

Kershl’s updating is pretty regular which is something to always like in a web comic. 


Kershl doesn’t use a lot of color which I think would open up his comic a bit, but then I’m biased, I really enjoy color. 

The story is somewhat all over the place. The yeti story is somewhat serious and it’s gotten more so as the comic as continued. The problem is that it’s interspersed with humorous strips featuring the various other animal characters. When the comic first started this was okay because the Charles storyline was somewhat humorous. Since it’s gotten serious the jokes seem wildly out of place and bring the story down a bit.

However, the jokes are good and the drama is good. They just need to be blended together a little better. 

My Recommendation

Despite my objections above I really enjoy this comic. It’s cute, serious, funny, and well drawn. Check it out when you get the chance. It’s a good one.


P.S. My apologies for missing Wed. and Fri. this week. I got some busy work and it left me behind on this. I’ll throw up a Friday Animation after this as well today.

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