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Twenty Best Recap

April 28, 2009

Well, I’m done with the 20 Best Web Comics. I’ve reviewed every single comic on that list. It was exhausting, boring, fun, interesting, and time-consuming. 

I wanted so badly to do this on time yesterday but homework and zombies got in the way, also laundry. 

Anyhow, my basic format for this recap will be the title of the web comic, some brief thoughts on it, and a link back to my original review. In case you missed any they’re all right here.  

I’d mentioned before that I’d already reviewed several of the comics on the list, and that still stands. I’ll just give you the words I gave the last time I posted this list. 

8-bit Theater – previously reviewed

 My Review – I gave this one a fail, mostly because of lack of originality, and generally immaturity that wasn’t funny.

CTRL+ALT+DEL  – previously reviewed

My Review – I hate this comic. The author is dick, he writes like an ass, and it’s boring.

Cyanide & Happiness

My Review – Not a fan. I hated this comic. It was a chore just to go through the archives. The problem is that the writers of this comic use “gross” or “shock” humor as a crutch. I’m not offended by the content, I’m offended by the absolute lack of an attempt to be funny, whether or not they used gross or shock humor. 

Diesel Sweeties

My Review – Boring. I should just leave it at that but this comic was so boring that even my post about bores. Depressing, really.


My Review – This is the first comic on the list that I legitimately enjoyed. I love looking at Paul Duffield’s art style and Warren Ellis’ story is interesting so far. This is one that I think I’ll keep on eye on in the future. 

garfield without garfield

My Review – I enjoyed and had problems with this comic. I like idea and it has produced some very funny strips but I’m could never figure out whether or not I should consider it an independent, original comic. Lately I’ve been leaning towards no. 

Girl Genius

My Review – Unlike most of the comics on this list—at least the ones that I liked—I still haven’t finished going through the archives of this one, even though I really want to. It’s a comic that I liked. It has good art, an interesting—if cliched— story, and seems to be going places. I still recommend it.

Homestar Runner

My Review – This is not a web comic and therefore did not count on the list. Which brings us to 19. However, I will say that I’m not a fan.

Kevin and Kell

My Review – The only big problem that I had with this comic is that it was/is a newspaper comic, online. I feel that if you’re going to take a comic online, especially a daily like this, one should expand themselves and do things that the newspaper limits you from doing. Sure, a lot of web comics follow a three or four panel style but they don’t stick with it all the time. Even if they do they do other things that open the comic like color, broader or more specific jokes, and story line that explore more of the characters. 

Megatokyo – previously reviewed

My Review – I mentioned in my review a few months back that the post rate on Megatokyo had slowed down totwice a week. It’s gotten worse lately. I’m starting to think I should stop reading the comic because the weeks between new comics is getting ridiculous, and it’s not as though the new comics are adding to the story. It’s depressing really.

Penny Arcade – previously reviewed

My Review – This is possibly one of my favorite comics online right now, or in print. It’s still fun to read and I enjoy seeing the way Gabe has evolved his art over the years. Admittedly, if you don’t play video games then the comic is a little out there but if you are a gamer of any kind (D&D, CCG, Tabletop other included) than it’s one you should check out. By the way, in this review I also defended myself from my first “You’re an idiot” comment, you can read what caused that here.

PvP – previously reviewed

My Review – This is another older comic that I’ve grown with over the years. It’s a good one. Kurtz, like Gabe, changes his style around and makes interesting and pleasurable choices with his art that I’ve found enjoyable since I started reading the comic. His writing has shifted away from games in the last couple of years but due to the background knowledge of the characters it feels intimate and right. I also reviewed Something Positive on the same post. I’d like to make an adjustment to the grade I gave SP. Make 3.5 clubs. See, at the time I was on this kick of severely grading down based on art quality (I still do it) but now I also grade on writing more than I did and the writing (ie Irony and Sarcasm) of SP are what make me stick around, and the comic is genuinely funny and sincere with its characters and plot lines. 

Questionable Content

My Review – This review wasn’t very good on my part. I was ridiculously sick on the day that I did and you can tell. On the actual comic, I still hate the character Faye but in general, I like the comic. Other than Faye, I think it’s worth a look. 

Red Meat

My Review – Not a fan. It’s a comic that tries too hard to be funny. It’s really boring. Also, I’m not sure if I should count this one because it started in print, and continues in print, so it’s not like the writer/artist is using the web as a medium, it’s more of an archive. I think I’ll cut it. We’re down to 18 comics now.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

My Review – This comic is, for me, what Cyanide & Happiness wishes it could be. It’s actually funny and brings the punchlines in such a way that even if you’re expecting it, it still hits you as funny. Now, I mentioned this in my review but if you don’t like the gross, shock humor that C&H uses then SMBC is not for you.

The Adventures of Doctor McNinja

My Review – Loved it. The art is great. The stories are out there but they’re well written and humorous. I definitely think you should give this one some clicking love.

The Joy of Tech

My Review – Like Diesel Sweeties this comic was boring and lifeless for me. Not much more to say then that. Apparently one of the creators liked my review. It’s weird to me, considering that I kind of said that their comic was bad. Yay?

User Friendly

My Review – Boring newspaper-esque comic about techies. Yay…joy of tech from an American, the only difference is that this one doesn’t have color. Awesome, it’s twice as boring. What is with all of these unholy boring comics on this list?

What’s new with Phil & Dixie

My Review – I don’t count this one as a web comic. 1)It was previously published in D&D magazines in the 1980s. 2)All of the strips are reposts from those 1980 strips. 3)None are new. Now we’re down to 17.


My Review – This comic was 50/50 for me. Some of the jokes are geared toward math, tech guys, which isn’t mean. At the same time though some of the jokes make me laugh really hard. You have to check out the one about the guy who becomes best friends with a girl so he can eventually marry her. It’s funnier than I just wrote but trust me, it’s good.


Well, that’s all of them. Hope you enjoyed it. Now, I just have to figure out what to do for posts for the next few weeks. Hmm…


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