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User Friendly

April 10, 2009

I’m coming up on the end of this thing. I’ve only got two comics left and then I’ll do a recap of the 20 best next Friday.

For now, it’s User Friendly.

Background: This comic has been online since 1997. I consider it one of the grandfathers of web comics.

Written by J.D. Frazer UF is one of the first online comics to achieve self-sustainability and popularity.  Frazer has managed to earn money through ads, several compilations of his cartoons, and of course, merchandising.

User Friendly is also run in some newspapers.

The website is okay. Why am I mentioning this? Because over the past 10 or so months that I’ve been doing this I’ve come across lots of web comics with terrible web designs.

It baffles me. I think, if an artist is so keen on design and having their art look good why wouldn’t they want their website to look good as well.

Admittedly, some of the comics I’ve reviewed don’t have very good art so terrible websites for them is understandable.

The Comic: The strips focus on a fictional company called Columbia Internet, a small ISP in Canada and its employees.

The comic is black and white, a rarity for many online comics, the only one that is still black and white that comes to mind for me is Kevin and Kell.

Most of the jokes are tech jokes, with other geek/nerd culture thrown in.

The art is okay. It’s nothing special but it gets the job done.

The jokes are eh. It’s like reading a newspaper comic online. It works I suppose.

The comics have been lacking recently. It seems that all I’ve been doing is reading boring comics for the last three or four reviews (Dr. McNinja was a nice exception).

Similar to Joy of Tech, this one just bores.

My Recommendation: If you like tech jokes then I suppose this is for you. It’s not for me.



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