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Dr. McNinja

April 6, 2009

I have no idea what happened last week. I posted Wednesday’s post on Tuesday and I completely missed Friday’s post. 

I blame Friday on the fact that this weekend was the first really nice one up here. Basically, I was outside all day for three straight days. 

Well, I’m still working through the 20 Best Web Comics list. Friday was supposed to be the Adventures of Dr. McNinja. So, that’s where we start today. 

Background: The comic is drawn by Chris Hastings and has been online since 2004. It used to be a tw0-man team of Hastings and inker Kent Archer. Recently, since August 2008, they’ve started coloring the comic and have already gone through one colorer. Carly Monardo was the first but their current colorist is Anthony Clark. 

The first page was published in 2004 as a one-off. However, it’s been regular since 2005. 

The Comic: Unlike many comics Dr. McNinja features plots, and continuity with characters and past stories. It’s grouped into stories of about 42 pages. 

There are currently 10 different stories on the Dr. McNinja website that make “issues.”

The stories follow Dr. McNinja an Irish-American Ninja who is also a Doctor with his own practice. His receptionist is a huge gorilla named Judy. McNinja also has a pet raptor named Yoshi, and a side-kick mustache-wearing kid named Gordito.

Basically, all the stories are just as ridiculous as the characters that it follows. One follows the Raptor Riding Banditos and their attempt to find love. Another focuses on one man’s attempt to turn the world into ninjas so he can destroy said ninjas and then become president of the United State. 

It’s all ridiculous but it’s fun. The writing is good enough to make the implausible stories fun and interesting. The characters are somewhat deep enough to care about and it’s legitametly funny. I find myself laughing along with the comic. 

The art is well done as well. It’s fun to look at and the details are great. 

My Recommendation: Head on over to their website and check it out. Dr. McNinja is a fun comic to check out if you have time to sit through the stories. 

The verdict comes down to this one being one of good ones on the list. 



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