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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

March 31, 2009

Today’s comic love comes from a single-panel strip called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Background: The comic was originally started in 2002 with a cast of characters and something resembling a plot. These are called “Classic SMBC” and can actually be found in the archives.

However, in September of that same year the creator, Zach Weiner, started doing his single-panel style that doesn’t really have a plot, many recurring characters, or sensibilities. 

It updates almost daily.

The Comic: As mentioned above the comic is a single panel, sometimes more, and sometimes it has a line underneath similar to the Far Side Comics. 

Only instead of making scientist jokes, SMBC jokes about death, aids, terrible relationships, pet murder, and various other off-color jokes.

For whatever reason I laugh at this comic. Not all of them but every ten or so a really a good one pops up and I crack up. 

It’s not like Cyanide and Happiness which jokes about relatively the same things. Here the difference is that the execution and art is miles better (well, the execution is, the art is like 5 miles better but still much better). 

The thing that gets me about SMBC is that I know the comics are going to be about terrible things but some of the best ones just sneak up on me. Like, yeah, I figured you would make a joke about the wife being a bitch but it still got me. 

I like that. 

While not all the strips make me laugh enough of those gems are good enough that I enjoy it as a whole. 

My Recommendation: If you don’t like the brand of humor that SMBC espouses than walk away. If you love Cyanide and Happiness than you’ll probably like SMBC. Or if you’re like me and have sick sense of humor and enjoy good execution of sad humor then this a good strip for you.

Check it out.



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