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Red Meat

March 30, 2009

There are so few comics on this list that I actually like. I’ll have to a ratio at some point. 

We’re on comic #14 out of 20 for those counting. 

Today’s comic is the alt-comic Red Meat.

Background: Today’s comic is another old one, the print version of it starting in 1989 by Max Cannon. Apparently, he also does or did a cartoon series based upon his comic for the Comedy Central website. 

After getting its start in the Arizona Daily Wildcat Red Meat has spread to 75 alternative newspapers across the country. That’s an indication, if there ever was one. 

Not much else to say about it from there. 

The Comic: Remember how in my Homestar review I said that it seemed like they were trying to hard to be funny?

Well, Red Meat beats Homestar hands down for that category. Not only does it seem like it’s trying to hard but it also uses Cyanide & Happiness’ gimmick of resorting to the gross, violent, or akin humor to make the jokes (though RM isn’t as over the top as the Cyanide guys). 

It’s also boring. 

Strangely it’s a comic that is wholly appropriate for alt. papers, they don’t say much, they’re boring, they’re over the top in their opinions, and they don’t really ever have a coherent point. 

The art is similar to the writing. It’s boring. Red Meat is known for its void backgrounds, and lack of moving characters. 

Now, a lot of comics that I’ve reviewed don’t have moving characters and just repeat panels ad nauseam but Red Meat takes it to a new level. The first panel is the second, is the third panel. Many of the panels are panels that you see in previous strips in fact, the character of Bug-Eyed-Earl is the same panel every time he shows up. 

My Recommendation: If you like this kind of thing than I guess Red Meat is for you but I was bored out of my mind and put off by the pretentiousness of the comic. 

Hopefully the next comic will be better than this one. 


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