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Questionable Content

March 27, 2009

I’m feeling a little better today. Not enough that I should be doing this but I figured I’d held off long enough this week.

Lets try and get something down about

Background: QC as it is commonly called is written and drawn by Jeph Jacques whose been able to turn the comic into a full-time job. He launched the web comic in 2003 and just last year made the 1300th comic. Jacques has won several words at the Web Cartoonist’s choice awards.

The Comic: The comic is about an indie-boy and his friends in Massachussets. Specifically it follows the main character Marten, his robot buddy Pintsize, roommate Faye, and their friend Dora who runs a coffee shop.

It does revolve around indie culture in that Jacques’ characters talk about various indie bands from to time but the comic is more centered around the story and the characters than how obscure he can get with his references which would make the comic extremely pretentious and bullshit, just like indie culture.

However, as a culture slice it does fill that niche.

Before I get into the story I do want to talk about the art.

It’s one of the better things about the comic not because it blows the mind or anything but because over the course of the comic there’s a definite evolution or style change. You can see it change as you go through the archives. It’s kind of fun to see how an artist’s art gets better or changes as they get used to drawing something and try to change it up over the years.

Personally, I’m not a fan of his current style just because it seems to zoomed in but hopefully it’ll change again soon.

Now on to the story.

For the most part the characters are enjoyable and fit certain cliches well-enough that it’s entertaining. Pintsize is a fan favorite and it’s mostly because Jacques lets that little bot do whatever the fuck he wants and it is always funny somehow. Love that little guy.

The reason I have a hard time liking the comic is the character of Faye.

She’s a bitch. She’s annyoing. All of her responses are immediately to violence.

Strangely while the other characters seem to grow and change as people, Faye stays the same. Maybe one should sorry for her because of the traumas that she’s dealt with in the past but it doesn’t make her anymore likable.

The character of Faye annoys me so much that whenever she’s in the comic (which is a lot) I have a hard time remember why I like the comic. Sometimes Pintsize is thrown in and balances it out but man, there is nothing redeeming about that character that makes me want to read QC.

My Recommendation: I don’t know.

I like it overall but I hate Faye so much that I want to say no.

Final Verdict: Maybe?


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  1. Inchkape permalink
    April 30, 2009 1:20 am

    Talking about QC – I love the comic. I discovered it 3 days ago and read them all. I think I’m in love with Faye. She reminds me of someone I know.


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