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Diesel Sweeties

March 11, 2009

Well, after Watchmen it’s time to return to my 20 Best Comics reviews. I didn’t intend for this one to be late, in fact, I was going to post at around noon today but some projects got in the way of it.

Today is all about Diesel Sweeties, lets hit it.

Background: This particular comic is written by Richard Stevens III and has been online since 2000. Apparently, it’s syndicated in newspapers as well. I don’t know which ones but that’s cool. Most web comic artists don’t or can’t (due to profanity and other content issues) make the jump from the internet to newspapers. 

From 2000 to 2005 the comic was a simple four panel vertical strip but in 2005 Stevens changed it around and now the comic features more panels, or less, some are animated and most not. Throwing in variety to make it interesting.

Not too much more to add to that.

The Comic: This review feels boring. 

I blame it on the comic. 

Where Cyanide and Happiness was stupidly unfunny this comic is just boring. Somehow that fits with it now being printed in newspapers. 

Anyway, the comic follows a robot, Clango, who dates a human named Maura. There’s also Indie-Rock Pete and Maura’s sister. Various other humans, robots, and animals make appearances but those are the four main characters. 

The one interesting thing about Diesel Sweeties is that the art is all pixelated, somewhat like an 8-bit comic but unlike 8-bit theatre it’s original art which gives it some automatic points. 

Otherwise though it just bored me. I went through most of the archives and I wanted to fall asleep for the most apart. There’s also a decidedly pro-Mac bent to it that turned me off but that’s just my personal animosity towards Apple. 

I don’t know. The characters didn’t strike me as particularly interesting, their dialogue/jokes weren’t really funny. It all seemed very dry, in a Dennis Miller sort of way but without Dennis Miller, which may or may not be a good thing. 

I don’t know what to say about this. It didn’t make an impression on me. It just kind of is.

My Recommendation: Read it, I guess. I probably won’t go back. This one is up to you. I don’t recommend it but I don’t not recommend it. 

No clubs…I’m too bored to do it.



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