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20 Best Web Comics Reviews

March 4, 2009

Two posts in one day? What? It’s like a real blog or something.

Anyway, I just want to inform readers that I came across this today and I think I’m going to use it for post fodder. 

What I want to do is go through and review each of these supposedly best web comics and see if they really do hold up to that phrasing. I’ll post a list of them below and you’ll notice that some of them will be crossed out, that’s because I’ve already reviewed that particular comic. 

Starting Friday I’ll be doing one of a day (on the usual schedule of course). 

8-bit Theater      My Review – I gave this one a fail, mostly because of lack of originality, and generally immaturity that wasn’t funny.

CTRL+ALT+DEL   My Review – I hate this comic. The author is dick, he writes like an ass, and it’s boring.

Cyanide & Happiness

Diesel Sweeties


garfield without garfield

Girl Genius

Homestar Runner

Kevin and Kell

Megatokyo   My Review – I mentioned in my review a few months back that the post rate on Megatokyo had slowed down to twice a week. It’s gotten worse lately. I’m starting to think I should stop reading the comic because the weeks between new comics is getting ridiculous, and it’s not as though the new comics are adding to the story. It’s depressing really.

Penny Arcade  My Review – This is possibly one of my favorite comics online right now, or in print. It’s still fun to read and I enjoy seeing the way Gabe has evolved his art over the years. Admittedly, if you don’t play video games then the comic is a little out there but if you are a gamer of any kind (D&D, CCG, Tabletop other included) than it’s one you should check out. By the way, in this review I also defended myself from my first “You’re an idiot” comment, you can read what caused that here.

PvP  My Review – This is another older comic that I’ve grown with over the years. It’s a good one. Kurtz, like Gabe, changes his style around and makes interesting and pleasurable choices with his art that I’ve found enjoyable since I started reading the comic. His writing has shifted away from games in the last couple of years but due to the background knowledge of the characters it feels intimate and right. I also reviewed Something Positive on the same post. I’d like to make an adjustment to the grade I gave SP. Make 3.5 clubs. See, at the time I was on this kick of severely grading down based on art quality (I still do it) but now I also grade on writing more than I did and the writing (ie Irony and Sarcasm) of SP are what make me stick around, and the comic is genuinely funny and sincere with its characters and plot lines. 

Questionable Content

Red Meat

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Adventures of Doctor McNinja

The Joy of Tech

User Friendly

What’s new with Phil & Dixie


My cross outs leave about 15 web comics up for reviews. We’ll see if they’re actually worth it. Although, I do have somewhat high standards when it comes to art, quality of writing, and general funniness. I can already tell you User Friendly, Homestar Runner, and xkcd will be looked at with a considerable amount of pre-viewing bias (especially Homestar, that site is just not funny).

I’ll go down the list as you see it here, so Friday I’ll be starting with Cyanide and Happiness. See you then


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