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Spidey Musical

February 26, 2009

In a lighter note, apparently Spider-man will be in a musical.

Yes, Spider-man the musical is pretty ridiculous (and angers me) but what kills me is this:

Producers say the musical, directed by Julie Taymor, will feature a score by Bono and The Edge.

Maybe it’s just my personal hatred of U2 and Bono but…does this strike no one else as a terrible idea?

All this after the tragedy that was Spider-man 3 and the Obama fist-pump issue.

It’s like a slow-motion train wreck. It just keeps going and when you think that things are done something like this happens.

Bono wants to ruin everything that was good about childhood, first the Beatles and now comic books, soon I expect he’ll be producing a rock opera using politically themed porn, then what will we have?

In other news, I got a my computer back with a new hard drive, go me. Regular posting should start up next week.


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