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Another every once-in-a-while post

February 13, 2009

Generally, this is a blog about comics and animation. Not the best of blogs at keeping up to date due to my lack of money, but I try to throw up news bits every now and again.

Today I have a news bit that I am personally excited about. It’s about a videogame, which I suppose could be thrown into the category of animation but I like to put seperately usually because of the its more interactive aspects.

Fans of videogames, specifically the Playstation, know that this game has been trailered, hinted at, and screenshotted already but based on the images I just saw…wow.

God of War 3, abbreviated to GOW3 by many is really coming along and I just saw screenshots from the game today.

I am unrelentingly excited for this game. Even if I didn’t already own a PS3 this game would be the sole reason that I bought one.

Check it out:


I don’t think you understand how excited I am to get my hands on this game. I don’t think it will come out until the 2009 Holiday season but still.


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