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Rehashed anger

January 30, 2009
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I’ve already posted about this topic but I’m here to bring it back.

The reason that I’m talking about this topic again is because of this article and this one as well.

Fifth and fourth printings of these Obama comics, really? Why?

This is going to sound like a stupid question but, when did comics get so politicized?

Hear me out, please. I’m not stupid, I realize that comics have had politics in them for years. I know this. I don’t have a problem with that. Science fiction is genre that I love and that’s a highly social and political genre.

The difference that I’m noticing based on these articles, and others, is that it switched over in the past year from political issues to political figures.

Comics as a voice for political issues is one of the reasons that I continue to read them, along with the compelling stories, likable characters, blah blah…

This recent trend towards coopting the likenesses of various political figures bothers me because then it becomes that same sort of evil is or the messiah is mentatlity that already grips the media and citizens. I would prefer that comics not go down that path it is a disturbing one that leaves little room for actual political thought.

However, when comics tackle controversial social and/or political issues is where they really shine, in my opinion.

I suppose this is, in a way, my official protest against Obama in the comics.



You’re only ruining any credibility you may have had along with your characters and their comic lives.


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