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Artist Spotlight

January 23, 2009
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Occasionally, I come across links blogs by cartoonists and/or artists. I think I’m going to try and start getting some of those on to here for anyone who’s interested in looking at various artists.

Today I have two for you, one who’s art I’ve s howcased on here before and one who I came across a few days ago. I’ll post an image from each to give you a taste, at the end of the post.

First: Gabe, artist for Penny-Arcade.

Sure, I showed a strip last time by Gabe and I’ve reviewed Penny-Arcade before but what I’m linking to here is Gabe’s personal art blog which just has some really fun stuff on there. It is definitely worth a look just to see what he works on when he’s not drawing for Penny-Arcade.

It’s a personal favorite of mine because I really enjoy Gabe’s style.

And here it is: Gabeart.

Second: Casey Bug (not exactly sure what her last name is)

I came across this one the other day I really enjoyed her cartoony style. Of course, she draws in a very caricature style when she does do the cartoon stuff but it’s her genres that really kept me around.

There’s not a lot on the blog but what is there is fun too look at. I’d recommend a quick glance around, and if you’re a fan of caricatures then I figure you’ll enjoy her work.

Casey Bug

And a couple of images, one from each to give you a taste:


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