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The Beginning

January 21, 2009

I thought I would use today to share the web comic that originally got me reading web comics back in 2002. I also want to show the strip that kept me around when I was starting to get sick of the bullshit inherently involved with people who read and those who create web comics.

The comic:

Through some research I found out that the one I originally read no longer updates and I couldn’t find any images of it online. However, I did find the comic that I read along with it.

Nothing Nice to Say. I quite the comic because I never really liked the art style and it just wasn’t really that funny. I don’t know how much it’s changed or if I’ll go back but I doubt it. I do appreciate it for introducing me to web comics though. Here’s the first strip if you care to look at it:


And now for the comic that made me love Penny-Arcade because of the truth it speaks. Also, the fact that I’ve been in a situation similar to what the strip showcases.


Hope you guys enjoyed the strip and a look back.


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