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Politicians in Comics

January 16, 2009

As usual with almost everything that I review on here or talk about on this blog I’m a little late.

However, I’ve known of the inclusion of politicians in comics for awhile now. The old 1960s comics had tons of political appearances, supposedly there was a Superman v. Muhammed Ali. Occasionally, politicians will show up in comics making some kind of decision.

These are all things that I don’t mind. Especially if it moves the story along.

What I’m here to complain about is the bullshit that came out during the election this past year. This isn’t about partisan politics either (although this will mostly be looking at a certain President-elect).

Several comics came out over the months that spanned the election, A McCain comic, an Obama one, even Hillary Clinton and Palin got in on the act.

This isn’t to say that I hate all politicians in comics. I don’t mind real or made up ones as long as its relevant to the story.

What pisses me off are these comics that are endorsing certain comics. I’m sure you’ve all seen this image:

This kind of shit pisses me off. I hate it.

I don’t want some feel good b.s. with my comics about whichever politcal candidate that the writer and artist happen to like.

Considering the relationship that many comic book characters have with politicians comic like the above image completely clash with development of the character and ruin any backstory they might have all so some writer with his stuck up his ass can support a candidate.

Politics have their place in comics, in fact many comics are defined by politics current and old. It’s like sci-fi novels when they use the story to comment on some aspect of humanity or government, that’s all good. Again though the Savage Dragon crap and this spiderman comic are the things that really take away my respect for certain writers and artists.

Anyway, have a good weekend and I’m out.



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