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Lovecraft is Missing

January 13, 2009

No more being lazy, for today anyway.

I’ve got another web comic for you today. 

Background: It’s a pretty recent one, only started in August. I couldn’t figure out who is writing it or drawing it, the website seemed somewhat vague on the whole thing. The one name I could find was Larry Latham, so I’m going to assume that the comic is by him.

The last comic on the website came in December 3rd, which should give you some time to catch up and a recent posting says that it will be coming back on January 14th, or Wednesday this week for those looking at their calendars.

The Comic: The basic story hasn’t really been fleshed out yet. So far I’ve seen 2 main characters a man named Win Battler, and a woman named Nan Mercy. Nan Mercy seems to be interested in collecting items of the occult and Win Battler is a young man from Oklahoma who writes horror stories for the magazine Weird Tales. 

You also see H.P. Lovecraft but it’s limited. 

Because of the lack of story so far there isn’t really anything to grasp onto as a definite plot (except perhaps what the title hints at). 

Instead the reason that you should check out LIM is the compelling art. It’s great to look at. The details and the various shots of characters are well drawn and really move the story along especially with some of its more humorous moments. Like buckshot filled signs outside Battler’s hometown. 

If you read LIM for anything else currently it should be for the art, as it moves on perhaps the story will catch up, we’ll see.

My recommendation: Since it’s so fresh I recommend taking a look for yourself. I think it has promise but I’ve been burned before. 

No ranking.


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  1. January 13, 2009 8:11 am

    Thanks for the great review, I appreciate it. I’ve recently started advertising, so my numbers are going up, but good word of mouth is always the best advertising.I guess I better get my self-promotion department working overtime though if people can only ASSUME that I’m writing and drawing the comic.

    The first issue is definitely set-up for what follows. I think the story does get rolling, for good or ill, in Book 2, which goes up tomorrow (Wednesday.) Hope you’ll check in for another evaluation soon.


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