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Batman: The Animated Series

January 6, 2009

Classes for Winter term started yesterday and I’ve got a killing schedule. That and I completely forgot to post due to watching Batman.

For a few years now I’ve been telling friends that the 1990s’ Batman was amazing. I finally had a chance to see if what I remembered was just childhood nostalgia or legitimate when I came across Volume 1 of the Batman animated series.

I just want to say now that while I was wrong, I wasn’t that wrong.

While it’s been quite awhile since I last saw the series I didn’t feel ashamed or cheated like I have with other nostaligic things from my childhood.

In fact, watching Batman: The Animated Series reminded why I love animation and comics in the first place. Action, fun stories, decent dialogue (although the Joker Christmas episode I watched last night left some things to be desired in the dialogue department), and great animation. It’s all there.

Batman was/is the kind of cartoon that parents don’t have to feel like they’re dying on the inside while watching with their kids, not like Ben 10 or whatever is it kids watch today.

I sat through the first couple of discs last night and it was a lot of fun seeing episodes that I hadn’t seen before and others that fondly remembered. They even had a couple of Robin episodes thrown in.

One of the better parts of watching it was realizing how far cartoons were willing to go in the 90s unlike today. For example, I watched an episode last night where the character the Sewer King enslaves runaway children and forces them to work for him as thieves, underground farmers, etc. He really mistreats the kids. There’s some commentary in the episode when Batman beats the guy up and tells him never to mess with children again.

The seductress in various forms as the women in the series was over top the top as well. Some of the underlying sexual energy in the series just isn’t something you see today. The introduction episode for Poison Ivy was just ridiculous, especially the make-out seen between Harvey Dent and Pam Isley.

It amazes me that with how “raunchy” programming is getting for adults, the cartoon industry seems to be going backwards and getting dumber.

Although, some of the campy dialogue from the cartoons is a little much, it does make the series fun. Especially the fact that whenever Batman fights the Joker in the series they always talk in puns. Terrible, terrible puns.

IF you haven’t seen the cartoon in a while I recommend you go out and pick up one of the volumes. There isn’t a lot of overarching plot lines so it shouldn’t matter which one you pick up, they’re all good.

And I’ll leave you with a little clip to remind you of the good days of Batman cartoons:


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  1. February 2, 2009 4:57 pm

    I recently picked up the entire run of Batman: The Animated Series, and I’m trying to watch them and review them on my blog.
    It gets better. Plenty of the early episodes are quite good, but several of them aren’t quite as good (the early Joker episodes didn’t impress me much), but the writing improved over the years.

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