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Fables on Tv?

January 2, 2009

I have couple of things in mind to review but I’ll save them. I wanted to share some information that I came across (Yeah, I know some of it is dated but I’m something of a late guy).

– First off, it turns out that Fables is going to made into a television show for ABC for the 2009. It’s sounds interesting. Of course, everything that I’ve read has just been bitching. Comic book fans are some of the biggest whiners in the world. I’m taking the optimistic approach to it. If the pilot is bad then I’ll walk away but until then we’ll wait and see.

– Three movies that stroke the nerd in all of us for 2009: Wolverine: Origins, Star Trek, and the new G.I. Joe movie. Of course, there’s Watchmen but I’ve grown cold on that series so we’ll see (mostly because despite all the praise it gets about half-way through Watchmen is depressingly boring and no one wants to admit it).

– Finally, I came across this newer comic called the Mice Templar the other day. I’ve only read one issue of it but it bears checking out. So if you find a copy I recommend picking it up.

That’s it for me today. Mostly I wanted to pass along the Fables info. Have a good weekend.


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