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Probably won’t post this week

December 22, 2008

You would think with the weather that Portland, Oregon has been getting I would have time to write post after post due to my being snowed in.

You would be wrong.

I think this might be the first time that I’ve sat down with my computer for a significant amount of time since my last post. 

So a few updates and new years resolutions for me concerning this blog. 

– I realize that I make a lot of grammar and coherency mistakes when I write posts. This is mostly due to the fact that I just write them with no real directions or editing followed by a quick publish. I’d like to try and edit my posts more. That’s my new years resolution for the blog.

– I’m getting comics for Christmas (I know this because I am a “shaker”). So, some new reviews should be coming. I’ve been hurting for material recently so this should be a boon to my information.

– This last term of college really burned me out. I had a lot on my plate including this blog which really made it suffer. I’m hoping to catch some fresh wind and pick up the tempo some. Hopefully, it’ll be reflected in my posts. Winter Break should be good for both me and my writing.

– I probably won’t post on Wednesday, what with it being Christmas Eve and all (and my family celebrating Christmas on the 24th due to some scheduling issues). So I want to wish anyone who reads this a Merry Christmas.


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