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The Comic Industry and the Recession

December 8, 2008

After seeing today’s news that the owner of the LA Times and Chicago Times is filing for bankruptcy, and that those companies are filing for bankruptcy protection, I started to wonder how the Comics Industry will do in the next few months.

Most people are being, I think, extremely pessimistic about everything economy related. Then again, I’m an open optimist. I believe things will be fine once we stop figuring out who to blame and start working on the solution. I’m also a blatant supporter of small government so with the new administration coming in I might not agree but we’ll see.

Comics weathered recessions in the 50s, 70s, and 80s. However, I’m not sure if things will stay the same as they did in those decades.

Locally, from what I’m told, every single printing shop in Eugene, Oregon shut down last week due to bankruptcy or rising costs that would have led to bankcruptcy. 

Unlike previous recessions I think the little guys are going to take a huge hit, if this recession goes long term like people are expecting it to be. DC and Marvel will have problems but I don’t think that they’ll be hurt half as badly as the little guys. 

Then again, comics aren’t as cheap as they used to be. I’ve seen issues from 2.50 to 3.50, hence, I don’t really buy single issues myself and instead buy the trades most time. 

Now, I personally believe that comics will survive but I found, one of the few, someone else who’s taken a look at it and discusses why he thinks the industry will take a huge hit.

I agree some of his points but not all. We both think that the industry is changing with more cross-marketing and that traditional icons have to sell more than just comics. However, I feel that his argument thinks that comics are no longer important to the merchandising and that they could drop off. I disagree, there still needs to be the story and character behinds what’s being sold. 

Anyway, check out the twenty points, and I’ll leave you so I can study for finals this week.


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