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Three Panel Soul

December 1, 2008

I’ve been to this place before but I never actually spent any time going through the archives or really reading anything the website had to offer. 

Today I was bored at work and was presented with a link to it. For once I actually sat through the archives and read a good number of their “blog” posts. 

Background: From what I gathered Three Panel Soul is from the creative team behind Machall, which ended its run in 2006.

The archives go back as far as November 2006 but there’s only 3 comics in that month and none in December. Production really doesn’t start up until February 2007. Unlike many web comics though, TPS is updated with what varies between once and twice a week, so the archives are easy to get through. 

If I ever review Machall I’ll talk about the authors but I think I’ll skip that for now. 

The Comic: There isn’t really a set storyline. If anything this series could be described as a funny. There are recurring characters but they don’t always (never) have a story to tell. It’s a lot of gags predicated on gamer knowledge and cats. 

The comic features the avatars of the creators Jess, Mac, and Ian in predominantly black, white, and gray shades of color. Occasionally colored pieces will pop that are out of the realm of the avatars. 

It is and isn’t funny. The art is very well done which is nice but the gags sometimes fall flat or seem to be largely inside jokes that only habitual readers will get or only the authors know what is going on. 

I really enjoy the art which tends to change in style depending on the artists whims but like Applegeeks it feels refreshing and is enjoyable to look at.

My recommendation: Unlike Applegeeks I would not recommend TPS based solely on the art. It’s good but not that good. Perhaps if the writing or the coherency to readers was better than it would be worth it but as it is, no, I wouldn’t really recommend it.


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