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DMZ: Body of a Journalist

November 21, 2008

I recently, accidently, picked up Volume 2 of a series called DMZ. 

Background: Brian Wood is a writer, graphic designer, and creator of several comics including DMZ, Channel Zero. He also was a staff and cover designer for Rockstar Games and Eidos’ for a period of time. He has won several Eisner awards for many different subjects. 

Riccardo Burchielli was the artist for DMZ Vol. 2. The information I could find him was that he is an Italian comic artist who’s first and only series in the states is the DMZ series. 

The Comic: I know that I’m missing somethings because it’s the second volume in the series but I think I’ve got a gist of what’s going on. 

So the background is that some rebels decided to rebel against the American government from within the country. Eventually they take over (I couldn’t figure out how much) part of the country. At some point the New York City becomes the main battleground between the United States and the Free States. Manhattan being the Demilitarized Zone of the battle. 

The story in Body of a Journalist focuses on a free lance journalist named Matt who gets put into the DMZ by his organization and broadcasts stories. The story follows him as he becomes a US agent to try and free another journalist who was taken hostage by the free states and the ethical and moral dilemmas that follow. 

The art has a very interesting somewhat broken style that reflects the theme of the story in a war torn city. I enjoyed the art and the way Buchielli played with different characters and backgrounds. It really caught my eye.

Wood’s story on the other hand is a mixture of good and bad. It’s definitely interesting but I felt as though some of the decisions and paranoias show cased by various characters didn’t make sense to me. I like to think that it’s because I haven’t read vol. 1. We’ll see I’m definitely going to try and pick up the first issue and see how it turns out. 

My Recommendation: It’s interesting but I don’t want to make a judgement until I know more of the story. So I’ll offer up more of a concrete analysis once I read volume one. 


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