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Paradise X Vol. 1

November 10, 2008

It’s been a damned long while since I last sat down and wrote about the X series. To be honest, it’s because I got lazy. The X series is a tough one just to read much less analyze and write about. However, I do need to finish this series someday and I figured why not today.


Earth X

Universe X Vol. 1

Universe X Vol. 2

It’s a lot but it’ll get you caught up. 

The Comic: Paradise is the end-chapter for the series. Like the previous iterations of the X series Paradise has several story lines running through it. 

– Captain Marvel is creating Heaven now that Death has been vanquished but he’s creating this new heaven inside of the neg zone. Inside this “Paradise” Marvell’s chosen 7 (Black Bolt, Hank Pim, Steve Rogers to name a couple) go to the dead zone and try to bring people back to Marvell’s paradise. Steve Rogers story centers around his attempts to get his birth family and Frank Castle to realize that they’re dead.

– There’s Wolverine origins story which says that Wolverine is not a human like anyone else in the world. He is one of the few true humans, a person who was not given a seed and evolved like he was supposed to. 

– Thor and Loki attempt to battle Odin. Which doesn’t really work.

– King Britain gets remarried to Black Bolt’s widow Medusa. Somehow his dead wife Meghan comes back to life. 

– Finally, X-51 takes several characters from alternate universes and attempts to save the alternate universes’ Earths from the same fate as is own. The alternates include a Vampire Ororo, Wolverine, Spider girl, Hyperion, Luther Manning, and an evil descendant of Tony Stark, Arnie Stark, as Iron Man, and a warrior who fought a Martian invasion. X-51 sends them in teams of 2 to various worlds to try and save them. 

I think I got all the main plots lines. After Universe it really does feel like the story is beginning to unravel, if hadn’t already, and the art styles change a couple of times during it. It’s very disconcerting. I read that Paradise was facing cancellation which would explain the weird hurried quality it has.

Unlike many I’ve talked to or read, I enjoyed the Paradise series. It feels more action oriented than previous iterations and the disparate story lines are fine enough on their own and distinct enough that you can switch between them easily. 

It’s not the best of the series but it gets the job done.

My Recommendation: Check it out if you liked the first 3 but like Earth you can leave off on Universe and know enough to keep your head straight. Just like the first three it’s a mind bender with how much they throw at you. Take it or leave it you’re not really losing or missing much.

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣


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