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November 7, 2008

So, I’ve seen and heard of this webcomic called Achewood from several different people. It’s supposed to be utterly hilarious and truthful in its humor.

I decided maybe I should sit down and actually read a few of these comics. Currently, I’m going through the archives which begin in 2001.

For an objective look on Achewood I should wait and write about this after I’ve read them all but I wanted to give an initial impression from some of the early work.

Background: I couldn’t find much but apparently it’s written by a guy named Chris Onstad from California who attended Stanford. Also, he’s published 13 books all of which deal with Achewood in one way or another.

He has a wife and a daughter. So there ya go.

The Comic: Since this is a webcomic I check out the website and have determined that it might, in fact, be the worst designed website of all time. The archives alone are enough to kill a man.

Also, he has this feature that allows readers to comment under individual comics and that feature has things going everywhere. I don’t know if this detracts from the comic itself but the experience of going through the website was heinous to say the least.

So first impressions:

– It’s poorly drawn which automatically means a loss of points for me.

– However, it’s actually funny.

– It’s very random and seemingly out there.

– Again, it’s actually funny not in an Oh my lord, that was hilarious kind of way but more of a small smile because you completely understand what they’re talking about kind of way, a you’ve been down that road before laugh.

– Due to its randomness it’s not funny all the time.

So far, I’ve seen 4 different characters, a bear thing named Teodore, a ghost looking thing named Phillipe, a cat who’s name I don’t know, and robot called Liebot.

My recommendation: I don’t know what to tell you. I’m only a couple of years in and I find myself liking it, hating it, loving it, and loathing it.

Check it out for yourself I can’t even really rate Achewood.



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