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November 3, 2008


I apologize for Friday’s post. To be honest, I don’t even think I watched that movie before posting it. The drink does terrible things to a young mind with access to a computer. Also, I hope that your Halloween was a good one, mine was great.

Today I didn’t want to write about a specific comic but more about specific news about comics that I found interesting. Bulleted list coming up.

– It turns out that even though I didn’t believe, nor did I want to after the atrocity that was Spiderman 3, but apparently a Spidey 4 is going to be made. Apparently, David Lindsey-Abbaire is on tap to write the script. I guess he wrote something called Rabbit Hole. I don’t follow the theater world so I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but Rabbit Hole did win a Tony…so maybe?

– Apparently Gary Frank has been working on Superman and a somewhat “controversial” series at that. I told you about Frank in my post about Midnight Nation where his wonderful lines are featured. In this recent series Frank drew the death of Jonathan Kent. I’ve never been a big fan of Superman so his dad dying isn’t that upsetting to me but it has set off a little bit of fire amongst Superman fans.

– There’s a new series coming out called “Sir Apropos of Nothing” written by Peter David which is based off his novels of the same title. It sounds interesting and seems to be based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series but I could be wrong. I’ll try to check it out when I can.

– On a final note there’s a new book out from DC called “Joker” which sounds interesting. I’m definitely going to try and pick it up at some point this week, we’ll see if I have some time.

– Wait, no, I forgot to mentioned that Jeph Loeb got fired from Heroes recently. Maybe the series will get interesting again…or something.

Anyhow, I’m off for the day. Enjoy your Monday and I’ll see you guys on Wednesday,


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