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World War

October 20, 2008

Looking back over some of my posts I realized that a lot of my Monday posts are videos. At least, some of the more recent ones. You might chalk it up to me being lazy and I might agree. It’s a mixture of laziness and the fact that I use the weekends to goof off on youtube. So, I find stuff on there and I want to share it with the blog. 

Point case: The following video called World War which I found yesterday while not doing homework. 

Before I post it here are some interesting things to note about it.

– The characters seem stylized after animes especially the “American” one. 

– Also, the reference to Wolverine is obvious…

– It has a few music issues especially the credit song, ugh.

– Pretty good animation and coloring though. It’s worth a look.

And, I’m out. V for Vendetta Review on Wednesday.


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