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Sick Wednesday

October 15, 2008

I know that we’re starting to get in to that time of year where colds pop, vomit is as common as Christmas sales, and children devolve into walking balls of snot but does that really mean that everyone at my work needs to get sick and then subsequently pass it on to me?

I’m being whiny here but really now, a killer headache is not good for a job where you have to be a people person, especially, one who has to work with people who are ESL.

Being that my this is the case this will be more of a quick hits update than a substatiated thing.

I watched Fringe last night and wasn’t really sure if I’m supposed to be disappointed or awed. The John Scott thing is just getting weird and out of hand. Only 5 episodes in and somebody already bothers me, not a good sign.

Although they did solve the issue that only Walter ever smiled previously. Now, I’m just waiting for Broyles to act like a human being. Or least stop looking like a tall, black version of Gollum. Dude is creepy.

Lastly, they better do something with Fisher. If they just lock him up and call it quits than I might call it quits.

Are little statues the thing to do these days? Real Life Comics and PvP Online both are getting ones. I’m just waiting for a terrible one from Tim Buckley to make it out.

Zero Punctuation has seemed subdued lately.

I’m thinking of finishing up the X series. I might, I might not. If you’ll recall I have posts on Earth, Universe Vol. 1 and Universe Vol. 2. There are two more books in the series under the name Paradise 1 and 2. They are substantially less involved than the first three but there’s still a lot of story in them. The X series has been the hardest to review. It’s a balancing act between providing enough information for stability and leaving out enough that there are still surprises. Also, they are hard stories to explain.

But really this is just more bitching on my part. I read the series over the summer so I’m going to have to spend a couple days getting back into Paradise 1 and 2. So that is upcoming on a depending on when I feel like it and have the time basis.

With Christmas coming up I’m hoping to get some new comics on my shelves. If anyone has any recommendations leave me a comment. I’m always open to suggestions.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I don’t have anything planned for Friday but I have a couple of books that I’ve been wanting to talk about. If I’m not laid out by whatever is going around the office then I’ll definitely try to get something up like that otherwise I might just drop a video on you.


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