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Kill the Armadillo

October 13, 2008

I really appreciate animation, even if it’s not always the best there is. It takes a lot of effort to animate and so when I come across ones that are well done then I feel compelled to share them. 

A lot of my respect for animators comes from knowing a few. Unlike comics or anime with animation I tend to be a little bit more lenient. That isn’t to say that I don’t want or like a good story line or quality art. This also doesn’t mean that I see some animation and have a proverbial orgasm at the sight of moving computer art. However, unlike with comics and anime where I’m willing to forgo an interesting story line for quality art because most of the stuff I come across is just some guy messing around with his 3D modeling program. So most of the stuff I show on here tends to fall into the art side of the equation and not the literature side. 

Anyway, here’s one I came across while procrastinating over the weekend. 


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