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Family Guy Season 7

October 10, 2008

It’s only 2 episodes in but I’m actually pretty disappointed with Family Guy this fall. Every once in a while they have an episode that misses the boat, which is fine every body gets a couple, but this season has started rather lackluster.

Is it just me or does it seem like they’re phoning it in?

Episode one had it’s moments, “Is is just me or is rainin’ bitches?” from Cleveland was so out of left field that it produced quite a few laughs from myself and friends. The premiere wasn’t not funny but it seemed to missing something, that oomph if you will.

This previous sunday’s episode was just atrocious. Although, I suppose it was effective considering I got that stupid song stuck in my head afterwards. Usually when Family Guy drags a joke out it’s funny, then it stops being funny, and then somehow it gets funny again. That song was funny once and then it was like being dragged through the mud by a horse.

The Jesus stuff was funnyish and it worked but when they ran out of Jesus steam they went back to the song and it really felt like the episode was falling apart at the seams.

It was depressing more than anything else. This season hasn’t gone any where yet but I like to think that they’re not wasting talent on the rumored Cleveland spin-off and whilst letting Family Guy languish.

Here’s hoping that this coming Sunday’s episode is much better.


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