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Sin City

October 3, 2008

I just got through rereading the first three SIn City books by Frank MIller. Conclusion: There needs to be more comics with a film noir feel to them, if it’s appropriate of course. I mean, if you’re writing comics on bunnies and rainbows spurting from the anus’ of unicorns than maybe noir is not the style you should be writing, however, now that I think about it a film noir comic about that exact topic could be interesting…hmm.

Today’s kind of a lazy friday for me but I figured I’d bust out with some more Miller.

Background: Well…I’ve already done Miller twice now, I think I’ll let you figure out the information you want to from him. The series Sin City is 7 books long if you want to pick it up. Borders and Barnes and Nobles carry them. There is also an art of Sin City book that you can buy as well. Of course, it was made into a movie by Robert Rodriguez in a style that I think fit the feel of the comics.

A lot of the time Rodriguez just pisses me off, like Spy Kids 2 and 3 sometimes 1, but every once in awhile he does something that really shows off his talent as an artist and a director. Sin City the movie is one of those creations.

The comics were released in the early 1990s by Dark Horse comics starting in 1991 with their 5th year anniversary celebration, whoo fun.

The Comic: The one I’ll start with is The Hard Goodbye. Of all the Sin City stories this one is probably the most well known and the most controversial. It was featured heavily in the movie and has the lasting character of Marv, an ugly muscled up tough guy who just wants people to be nice to him (by people we mean women).

A brief synopsis before I get into the controversy over this story.

So, it starts it with Marv in bed with a beautiful woman, Goldie, who winds up dead next to him. Marv realizes that someone has murdered her, and it wasn’t him. This comic starts off with a bang. Sex, then the cops show up and murder/fighting takes place. It’s a read that does not slow down for anything.

Marv takes it upon himself to solve the mystery around Goldie’s death because she was nice to him. He starts going up the totem pole until he finds that the individual behind it all is a person with a ridiculous amount of influence and power in whatever state Sin City is in. I want it to be in Wyoming…

Murder, death, cannabalism, more sex, and drug use follows to a great climax and an interesting ending. Marv dies. Normally, I wouldn’t tell you something like that but the controversy surrounding this comic actually stems, in part, from that fact.

Part of the controversy of with the Sin City comics is just “moral” habberdash. There’s too much murder, sex, over the top violence, cynisism, more murder, naked women, abused women, apparently only hookers are feminists and even then. Take what you want from that. Me? I chalk it up to noir. Yes, all of that exists in the world of Sin City but regardless these are well written stories that hold your interest.

The biggest controversy surrounding this particular comic actually got TV time in the 1990s. I remember because I saw it on the news with my parents back when I lived in Pheonix.

A toy, by Todd MacFarlane I  believe don’t quote me on it though, was released to commemorate the comic. Anyway, this particular toy that they decided to release was based on Marv in the electric chair. If I remember right the chair could be “turned on” and it would electrocute Marv. I’ve only seen it once since the news broke about it but I think it did electrocute him.

He was also supposed to talk, cuss or something like that. People were pretty upset about it.

I understand why but my question is how many parents where actually going to go out and by their kids a deathrow inmate gets electrocuted toy? A. I’d like to meet these fascinating individuals and B. WTF?

My Recommendation: If you’re a fan of noir than The Hard Goodbye is worth a read. It’s not the greatest comic ever but it’s definitely worth the money and worth the time.  Pick it up and settle in for something that’s quick and painless. Also, if you like drawn naked women than I suppose Sin City is like your porn.

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣


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